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President Obama Wants to Hear WHAT?

President Obama spoke in New Orleans on August 27th, 2015. Check out what he wants to do when he leaves office. Here’s the beginning of his speech:

President Obama: “Hello, everybody! Where y’at? It is good to be back in the Big Easy. And this is the weather in August all the time, right? As soon as I land in New Orleans, the first thing I do is get hungry. When I was here with the family a few years ago, I had a shrimp po-boy at Parkway Bakery and Tavern. I still remember it — that’s how good it was. And one day, after I leave office, maybe I’ll finally hear Rebirth at the Maple Leaf on Tuesday night. I’ll get a chance to “see the Mardi Gras,” and somebody will tell me what’s Carnival for. But right now, I just go to meetings.”

Link to speech on C-Span: http://www.c-span.org/video/?327746-1/president-obama-tenth-anniversary-hurricane-katrina&start=25

Thanks for buying music

Thank you for buying our artists’ music. It’s what allows us to make more.

We just wrote checks to over 150 songwriters and their publishers plus checks for artist profits. Your purchase of music helps a lot of people and their families.

Recently read an article about streaming that posed the question “what other industry sells a product for an unknown amount of money and with no idea when they’ll be paid?”

Although we do have our artists’ music on the streaming services (for now) we do not know how much we get paid, and we have to wait for the consumption of the music to get paid. If that is the only way you consume our artists’ music, then that creates a huge cash flow problem for us.  I expect that model will in time eliminate our ability to make quality music.

If you love an artist or a label, buy their CDs, downloads, books, and vinyl.  Thanks!

2015 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Basin Street Records at 2015 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival:



Fri 24 Henry Butler (Butler, Bernstein & the Hot 9), Davell Crawford

Sat 25 Jeremy Davenport

Sun 26 Irvin Mayfield, Rebirth Brass Band, Henry Butler (Tribute to Jelly Roll Morton), Jon Cleary, Bill Summers



Thu 30 “Rest Day”


Fri 1 “Rest Day”

Sat 2 Kermit Ruffins, Davell Crawford (Tribute to Fats Domino), Dr.Michael White

Sun 3 Kermit Ruffins (Tribute to Louis Armstrong), Jason Marsalis


See you in April and/or May at JazzFest!

Keep an eye on http://www.BasinStreetRecords.com/on-tour for all our artists’ dates.

Check http://www.nojazzfest.com for complete listings at Jazzfest!

Mark Samuels & Davell Crawford on The 504 w/ Melanie Hebert


Last night, Mark Samuels, the president of Basin Street Records, was given the opportunity to discuss hydrogen sulfide removal with Melanie Hebert on The 504 on WUPL TV (WWL TV’s sister station). Along the way he also talked about Wynton Marsalis; Ben Franklin High School; the Cutting Edge Music Business Conference, creating the label with Kermit Ruffins’ manager, Tom; his brother Will stepping up when he needed help the most; driving from Austin to New Orleans 29 times in 9 months; and tonight’s benefit concert for the Louis Armstrong Jazz Camp.

Davell Crawford was also given an opportunity to talk to Melanie and perform. Catch Davell at the Prime Example 7/18, Preservation Hall 7/20, and Snug Harbor 7/23. Own his new CD?

Mark Samuels on The 504 with Melanie Hebert

Davell Crawford on The 504 with Melanie Hebert


Jazz Fest 2013

Don’t miss our artists at the 2013 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans. Here is the Basin Street Records schedule:

Fri, Apr 26:
Jeremy Davenport 2:30p (plus CD signing in CD Tent at 3:45p)

Sat, Apr 27:
Jason Marsalis 1:20p (plus CD signing in CD Tent at 2:30p)
Rebirth Brass Band 3:40p (plus CD signing in CD Tent at 5:40p)
Jon Cleary 4:10p
Dr. Michael White 5:50p

Sun, Apr 28:
Kermit Ruffins 4:20p (plus CD signing in CD Tent 6p)

Thur, May 2:
Henry Butler 2:35p
Theresa Andersson 4p (plus CD signing in CD Tent at 5:20p)

Fri, May 3:
Los Hombres Calientes: Irvin Mayfield & Bill Summers 12:45p (plus CD signing in CD Tent 2:10p)

Sat, May 4:
Bill Summers & Jazsalsa 2:45p
Dr.Michael White 3:10p (plus CD signing in CD Tent 4:40p)
Davell Crawford 3:40p (plus CD signing in CD Tent 5:40p)

Sun, May 5:
Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra w/ Dee Dee Bridgewater 5:50p

Best Record Label and Music Business of the Year!

Last night Basin Street Records was awarded the OffBEAT Best of the Beat Business Awards for Best Record Label and Music Business of the Year!

From the Rebirth Brass Band’s Grammy win for their Rebirth of New Orleans CD, to Theresa Andersson’s ride in Muses and 50 shows in Sweden and her Street Parade CD, to Irvin Mayfield & the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra’s first trip to Carnegie Hall, to Kermit Ruffins, his new speakeasy and his EP The Other Side, to Dr.Michael White’s fine new release Adventures in New Orleans Jazz Pt.2, to Jeremy Davenport’s 150+ shows, to Rebirth’s opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Dr.Michael White and Jason Marsalis ringing in 2013 on CNN, it was a great year.

Thanks to Jan and Joseph and staff at OffBEAT,  the hard work and talent of our artists, and their families, managers, agents and lawyers. Thanks to our staff and families, the producers, engineers, studios, photographers, graphic designers, production coordinators, distributors, and publicists.  Thanks to the media, talent buyers, festivals, and clubs. Thanks to those who buy or license our artists’ music, and the retailers who sell it.  Here’s to an even finer 2013!

Click HERE for some more highlights from 2012.