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Kermit RuffinsThe Barbecue Swingers Liveorcd.co/yjk2dre
Los Hombres CalientesLos Hombres Calientesorcd.co/bjdxqlb
Jason MarsalisThe Year of the Drummerorcd.co/6o3ypan
Irvin MayfieldIrvin Mayfieldorcd.co/mkr887p
Kermit RuffinsSwing This!orcd.co/bvma75v
Los Hombres CalientesVol. 2orcd.co/vqmqw3k
Jason MarsalisMusic in Motionorcd.co/04p8nla
Dr. Michael WhiteA Song for George Lewisorcd.co/7apvem6
Irvin MayfieldHow Passion Fallsorcd.co/dz5bkra
Los Hombres CalientesVol. 3: New Congo Squareorcd.co/yadoenk
Kermit Ruffins1533 St. Philip Streetorcd.co/6poox8e
Dr. Michael WhiteJazz from the Soul of New Orleansorcd.co/4ka6rqk
Henry ButlerThe Game Has Just Begunorcd.co/1wme4d5
Jon ClearyJon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemenorcd.co/gx2yqoe
Kermit RuffinsBig Easyorcd.co/9ybpnpe
Irvin MayfieldHalf Past Autumn Suiteorcd.co/39a66xd
Los Hombres CalientesVol. 4: Vodou Danceorcd.co/op32b8y
HeadhuntersEvolution Revolutionorcd.co/30mxpn
Henry ButlerHomelandorcd.co/zgzjrzx
Jon ClearyPin Your Spinorcd.co/k52q8ak
Theresa AnderssonShineorcd.co/qbod20q
Dr. Michael WhiteDancing in the Skyorcd.co/eobyqka
Los Hombres CalientesVol. 5: Carnivalorcd.co/y5qreok
Irvin MayfieldStrange Fruitorcd.co/an98rbk
Kermit Ruffins With Rebirth Brass BandThrowbackorcd.co/9x06d1
Theresa AnderssonTheresa Andersson (EP)orcd.co/drrqza4
Irvin MayfieldLove Songs, Ballads and Standardsorcd.co/4vxonoq
Kermit RuffinsLive at Vaughan’sorcd.co/3yr5b98
Henry ButlerPiaNOLA Liveorcd.co/0aoo4ey
Theresa AnderssonI The River (EP)orcd.co/jp9baax
Dr. Michael WhiteBlue Crescentorcd.co/yxb4ea0
Theresa AnderssonHummingbird, Go!orcd.co/r6ewnjy
Kermit RuffinsChristmas Time is Here (Single)orcd.co/0q0xb4r
Various ArtistsSiggraph 2009 New Orleans Music Samplerorcd.co/b6z2x2p
Kermit RuffinsLivin’ A Tremé Lifeorcd.co/qkylo7m
Jeremy DavenportWe’ll Dance ‘Til Dawnorcd.co/kdb71ny
Kermit RuffinsHave A Crazy Cool Christmasorcd.co/0kyknen
Kermit RuffinsHappy Talkorcd.co/n2gvw4m
Rebirth Brass BandRebirth Of New Orleansorcd.co/ajbjqnv
Rebirth Brass BandWhy You Worried ’bout Me? (Single)orcd.co/de8bypy
Irvin MayfieldA Love Letter To New Orleansorcd.co/l39vr2g
Dr. Michael WhiteAdventures in New Orleans Jazz Pt. 1orcd.co/op1y0ld
CompilationNothing But A Party: Basin Street Records’ New Orleans Mardi Gras Collectionorcd.co/xq0d4j1
Kermit RuffinsOther Side (EP/Compilation)orcd.co/w1vdv4n
Theresa AnderssonStreet Paradeorcd.co/71o71l4
Dr. Michael WhiteAdventures in New Orleans Jazz Pt. 2orcd.co/exnynek
Jason Marsalis Vibes QuartetIn a World of Malletsorcd.co/j5eewxj
Kermit RuffinsWe Partyin’ Traditional Styleorcd.co/60om2y7
Davell CrawfordMy Gift To Youorcd.co/1nzoqpv
Rebirth Brass BandMove Your Bodyorcd.co/prbnq45
Jason Marsalis Vibes QuartetThe 21st Century Trad Bandorcd.co/7qdrmqx
Irvin Mayfield & The New Orleans Jazz Playhouse RevueA New Orleans Creole Christmasorcd.co/4xoje7x
Irvin Mayfield & The New Orleans Jazz Playhouse RevueNew Orleans Jazz Playhouseorcd.co/pzjebwo
Kermit Ruffins#imsoneworleansorcd.co/x1vry07
Davell CrawfordPiano in the Vaults, Vol. 1orcd.co/q1z4zeo
Irvin Mayfield + The New Orleans Jazz OrchestraLive at Newportorcd.co/rrqg4ko
Kermit Ruffins & Irvin MayfieldA Beautiful Worldorcd.co/e6edo8v
BoneramaHot Like Fireorcd.co/jonl3y7
SaràyahFeel The Vibeorcd.co/ly7brxe
Davell CrawfordMerry Christmas from Davell Crawfordorcd.co/n0jgwn
Jason Marsalis & The 21st Century Trad BandMelody Reimagined: book 1orcd.co/k52xae6
Dr. Michael WhiteTricentennial Ragorcd.co/yaoeyjx
Various ArtistsLive at Little Gem Saloon: Basin Street Records Celebrates 20 Yearsorcd.co/0rpvgno
Lena PrimaPrima La Famigliaorcd.co/1mpq0v
Davell CrawfordDear Fats, I Love Youorcd.co/m7kqyj
BoneramaBonerama Plays Zeppelinorcd.co/x8x3rjl
BoneramaEmpty World feat. Michael McDonaldorcd.co/obzybrd
Jason MarsalisJason Marsalis Liveorcd.co/np0njyb
Dr. Michael WhiteDr. Michael White Liveorcd.co/kqjvrrr
The Lena Prima Big BandLive in Concertsmarturl.it/plj6lg
Kevin & The Blues GrooversSomething Old, Something New, Something Borrowed Bluestinyurl.com/2p9f2j8k

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