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  1. StLouisBasinStreetFan says:

    Congrats on entering the blog-world. I have a feeling this time they are taking home the gold!@

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  3. Banzai Bill says:


    I remember when Gordon Parks opened his photographic exhibit at NOMA prior to the production of the CD with Irvin. What an incredible show. We will miss him very much, but his art lives on.

    I heard you on WWOZ yesterday (Thursday). It was good to hear you back in town. If you are planning anything for SXSW, please let us know. I have a number of New Orleans exiles in Austin who would love to hook up with you and share some tears and good music.

    Take care,
    Banzai Bill
    former dj at WWOZ

  4. bsboys says:

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  5. Clay S. Conrad says:

    I enjoyed meeting you and your daughter at SXSW; I was the guy volunteering at the “renew orleans” table.

    Good luck! If you’ll have a table set up at Jazzfest, maybe we’ll see you there and pick up a few souvenirs…

  6. mazy says:

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  7. chocolatecity2 says:

    Help is on the way

  8. DonCorleone says:

    Either come back with a smile and positive attitude or stay in Austin and bitch. Doesn’t matter who is in office this is the worst natural disaster in u.s. history, it’s going to take about 10 to 15 years until we get back to where we once were…..which is not anything to be real excited about.

  9. Vicky says:

    Mark, I am extremely happy that you are coming back. People like you, businesses like Basin Street records, and artists like the ones you represent (the best!) are the reason that I remain in New Orleans. I applaud what you said to Mayor Ray Nagin – I hope he will take it to heart. I’d like to close by saying, “It’s all good,” but it ain’t right now. We’ll all pull together, support each other when we’re down, and maybe this town will rebuild as a community-driven city, with stronger, more informed, active, and dedicated citizens than found anywhere else.

  10. Vicky says:

    Mark, I am extremely happy that you are coming back. People like you, businesses like Basin Street records, and artists like the ones you represent (the best!) are the reason that I remain in New Orleans. I applaud what you said to Mayor Ray Nagin – I hope he will take it to heart. I’d like to close by saying, “It’s all good,” but it ain’t right now. We’ll all pull together, support each other when we’re down, and maybe this town will rebuild as a community-driven city, with stronger, more informed, active, and dedicated citizens than found anywhere else.

  11. saintlsewhere says:

    Nagin comes from business. He knows business. If he were a better “pollutition” he wouldn’t make the types of remarks that ruffle the feathers of so many folks (like you). “Businesses are predators”? Ouch!
    Please think about what you might yourself be adding or subtracting from the polarizing.Good luck with the move back and best wishes.

  12. RWA says:

    Didn’t I hear somewhere that it won’t actually be finished and ready for other use (conventions, etc.) until summer of 2007?

    Also, any idea what portion of the $185-$200 million repair cost was FEMA and/or state money? I saw that both were used in the feature on the Superdome re-opening.

  13. Mark Samuels says:

    I believe that $120 Million came from FEMA. Not sure where the rest is from. They are continuing to work on the inside of the dome, finishing the suites, club rooms, etc.

  14. Mark Samuels says:

    It is now November 30th and I have no information or money from the Road Home program. I had my 2 hour meeting with the Road Home program on September 21st. I had an inspection at my home on October 9th. HELP!!!

  15. ginab says:


    I hope the new year works out better for you. Learned about your blog form listening to a radio segment on Irvin Mayfield, and then searched google for his music; found the record company and I found your blog!

    Here’s an article on the (okay) intensions for building homes in MS: article. I don’t know if the article will seem inspiring to you but I do home it doesn’t serve to frustrate you at all; I too wish the RHP would do their job too.



  16. ginab says:

    Sorry about all of the stupid and obvious Freudian slips in my comment before (‘home’ for ‘hope’). If you leave, the regional politicians win you know.

    You’re the founding president of Basin Street Records. Meaning, you can’t leave New Orleans. What about the students at Loyola? More, don’t let them push you out.


  17. Mark Samuels says:

    I don’t want to live anywhere except New Orleans and that is why I am putting up with rats in the downstairs of my home, a gutted first floor, and a neighborhood that only has 90 families out of 290. But if I don’t receive enough money to help me rebuild a home that was destroyed by government error, I don’t know that I will stay.

  18. normalmel says:

    Mark, i passed thru Lakeview last weekend and man, was I devasted as it is. It is even more unrecognizable than the October after the storm. Houses burnt, probably cause they had no flood insurance, homes collapse, then, poof, a brand new “mansion” and a cardboard version of a duplex.
    It was dis-orientating. So much so that I had no idea where I was cause there were no roads, no street signs and nothing but destruction, that I ran into someone. Did not even see them or one of the “paths” that remain. I agree with you. As much as we all have new orleans as our home, Austin has order, even though it is in Texas. More and more peeps continue to move here. My hats off to you for staying and working hard to make it work. The toxicity is too great for me in my condition, esp where you are. God bless you and your family, and business Mark. Guess you gotta stay drunk like I saw most “homies” and out of the war-torn areas. Oh, but your house is in one. I heard today that the corp of engineer has no plan to really strengthen the levee due to some geograhic slide of that area. That would not be for 30-40 years but still. come back man and let’s work on bring the nola to austin. They already call it “Nawstin”

  19. ginab says:

    Oh I must say Nawstin sounds damned tempting. And maybe it’s not a bad idea to have the richest people taken up by a landslide (if enough of us pray?) because they will move in. They will have their fine boutiques and one high school kid playing his clarinet on a stoop. It’s not a day I wait for, so much as the rats will and readily.

    I hate greed is what I am saying, and I want just to strengthen you and real NOLA residents.

    be well

  20. Clay S. Conrad says:

    Will you be running the CD Sales Tent again?

    Any new releases timed for Jazzfest?

    We’ll be there the second weekend. My 7 year old is heartbroken that Theresa Andersson and Amanda Shaw are both playing the first weekend. But at least we get to see the Jazz Vipers.

  21. Mark Samuels says:

    It appears that Borders will be running the CD sales at this years fest. Keep an eye on tourdates, I am sure that Theresa will have something during the 2nd weekend, but not necessarily where a 7 year old can watch. We are releasing a new CD by Kermit Ruffins, Live at Vaughan’s, in time for this years fest.

  22. Mark Samuels says:

    It appears that Borders will be running the CD sales at this years fest. Keep an eye on tourdates, I am sure that Theresa will have something during the 2nd weekend, but not necessarily where a 7 year old can watch. We are releasing a new CD by Kermit Ruffins, Live at Vaughan’s, in time for this years fest.

  23. linkluster says:

    I have not heard this before. She could have started giving out money based on the approximations of what was coming? Do you have any reports on this?

  24. Mark Samuels says:

    In this story, you will see that some of the money had been approved for community block development grants much earlier.

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  27. ginab says:

    WoW! Applause!

    Been gobsmacked over the recent federal visit. Were you there? Did or didn’t you punch him? Or, at least speak to the guy? I hope so. I do.

    I ordered four copies of From The Second Line from Lulu press. I’ve handed out two copies so far, to professors involved in related projects.


  28. Christopher says:

    Its a great CD, love the track oo child! Keep up the great work Mark & Kermit.

  29. BJ says:

    Happy Birthday to Brad & Angelina’s baby Shiloh yesterday! She ate her birthday cake in Cannes. Here’s something fun about Shiloh… an astrology reading on video that predicts who her future husband will be and when she’ll get married,

    I predict that the bad boyfriend at 18 will be Michael Joseph Consuelos (Kelly Ripa’s son), and that the good husband at age 28 will be Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. (Michael Jackson’s son). I figure by that time Mike Jr. will have had enough therapy that he will make a good husband. Both of these guys are ten years older than Shiloh. (When you watch the video, this will make more sense.) What does everyone else think?

  30. Laura says:

    Hey. THat is awesome. I wish I had gone to that picnic.

  31. David says:

    Mister Mark, you’re doing great things for Kermit & Irvin! Wow, it makes me feel great to know that the music we all love so much is being honored in this way.

  32. rj says:

    This link is stale. Please update.

  33. jl haynes says:

    I am looking for more information on this festival. The web site is somewhat vague as to what is included in the ticket prices. I see that there are package and individual venue tickets. Are all venues included with the packages or does one need to pay more for the headline shows? We will be comming from far northern Calif, so with the cost of airfare, lodging and tickets, this could be one hell of an expensive weekend and I want to do it up right. The web site is rather vague on this and does not provide any contact information. Any and all info will be greatly appreciated.
    Jeff L Haynes
    POB 494928
    Redding Ca 96049

  34. jason says:

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  35. andiwallhog says:

    AMEN It is time to stop giving in order to take. Peace and Love.

  36. mickey carroll says:

    Hi Basin Street Records Here is an update regarding how jazz can effect an entire community in a positive way Mother J Productions has received three arts and humanities awards from the first lady of the state FL All songs from the show are dealing with Cultural diversity . substance abuse , Patriatisum , Education , and the Arts . We have also been honored by ASCAP in 2007 Stepping Out

    Just a few concerts of many

    ( We raised over $20.000 for the Katrina victims Red Cross releaf fund )

    ( Our last event raised over $12.000 for the Florida Watermen Primary Health Clinic for those uninsured here in Lake County )

    Regarding the slashing of funds in Arts & Education
    I have attached a song about teachers entitled – A Portrait Of A Teachers Life
    with famed jazz icon Ira Sullivan on trumpet .

    I invite you to visit our web sites below

    All the best with your creative adventure

    Health & Happiness
    God bless

    Song For My Son a song from the jazz show entitled A House Of Love has over 17.000 hits check it out on You Tube

    Mother J Productions

    Mickey on Youtube

  37. Todd B. says:

    Wish I could be there for that. I was lucky to be in town last week to catch Irvin at Snug Harbor running through Christmas classics. The show concluded with a second-line medley that included spontaneous boogie-ing down by none other than Wendell Pierce! Good times, bon temps. I mentioned the moment in a blog post —

  38. Mark Samuels says:

    I read your posting on the examiner. Thanks!

  39. Coco in LA says:

    Go Theresa! Louisiana is proud…

  40. suzannesousa says:

    Hi Mark, I want to introduce myself and congratulate you on your success with Basin Street Records! My name is Suzanne Sousa, vp of sales for MAC Multimedia. I just sent you an email to introducing myself and services. I also attached confidential CD/DVD replication and packaging pricing for your review and comparison.

    MAC Multimedia replicates and packages tens of millions of CDs and DVDs for numerous clients….including Traffic Entertainment, Alliance Entertainment, A2M, Emtro Gospel, and Research in Motion (Blackberry) just to name a few.
    Our service and quality is phenomenal. Our pricing is extremely competitive, I’m sure I can save you some money in your budget. With plants located in California, Indiana and Utah we can accommodate any request and ship to arrive with a two day transit time to most US destinations.

    I am going to send you out a package with our brochure and some samples from recent projects for your review today via FedEx Ground. Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll have your answers to you soonest.

    Thank you again for the opportunity Mark; I am looking forward to earning your business!

    Suzanne Sousa
    VP of Sales
    MAC Multimedia

  41. alai says:

    Wow. Photos from the first year I went to Jazz Fest as a young girl. Good memories of good times. Thanks for posting these! :)

  42. Sonia says:

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  43. G Samuels says:

    Those birds don't look real

  44. Julie says:

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  49. Gumbo Show Joe says:

    Great post, Mark! It is cool to see it all outlined in writing, and it certainly makes me appreciate why I spend so much on music every month.

    How has the digital distribution of music changed the economics? Do you see it changing them more as we move further away from physical disks?

  50. Aaron says:

    VERY funny Mark. Don't forget converting your Hummer to run on whale oil. How was 3090? I was out of town and had to miss out.

  51. Mark Samuels says:

    I didn't make it over there. My car ran out of gas from running it for no reason in the driveway all day.

  52. Mark Samuels says:

    I am going to expand my post in a day or two to cover the digital media, but here is a brief answer to Gumbo Show Joe:

    For a typical $9.99 album download we receive $5.95 and we pay about $1.00 to the songwriter/publisher. The digital store pays our digital distributor about $7.00 and our digital distributor keeps about $1.05. The digital distributor makes sure that 100's of platforms have our music, and provides us with a single payment and most important a single accounting by track of all payments each month.

    Therefore, our gross margin is about $4.95, nearly the same as a CD. Advantages are that we don't have to carry excess inventory in our warehouse to be ready for demand, place extra inventory in stores in order to ensure enough visibility, or wait for returns. We also don't have to worry about whether the product is in stock.

    The downside is that there is no packaging which might include information about our website, our other artists, or biographical material about our artist to help the consumer become more familiar with the artist. Downloading also means that consumers can pick and choose tracks. For our artists, who work on creating an album, this is contrary to their artistic vision.

    Since we are dealing with a digital media, the digital transfer is certainly most efficient.

  53. dailypaintingsneworleans says:

    Interesting info Mark, Thanks.

  54. vern says:

    i have both the CDs as i am huge fan of house and love to watch House MD. all the tracks are brilliant.

  55. ramiro says:

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  56. mediaclips says:

    Mr. Samuels congrats on all of your success for the label and its artists. As your label expands I was wondering if you had a key person inhouse to handle infield marketing and promotions?

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  57. mediaclips says:

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  58. Ron W says:

    I actually watched the beginning of the Fox broadcast hoping to see them show this but after an hour pre-game show they had to have the talking heads talk some more and did not show this. I guess Kermit and Jeremy are not celebrities and they would rather show some 'pop' star than some real musicians. Shame on Fox, especially after the nice story they had on the pregame about New Orleans fans and the team

  59. Jeff Abbott says:

    Well said!

  60. Gumbo Show Joe says:

    Amen Mark! I am sharing this post with anyone who will read it!

  61. Riley says:

    Hey there.
    Found you by way of GumboShowJoe's post on #whodat. Just wondering: is there an online way to watch the footage w/ Jim Thompson's calling of the FG? I want to relive that again and again.
    Thanks in advance!

  62. Alice says:

    Brought tears to my eyes, Mark!

  63. Mark Samuels says:

    Riley: I added a hyperlink to the radio call by Jim Henderson. If you are looking for the video synch with the audio, you can find that on Youtube by searching "Jim Henderson Hartley kick".

  64. Ron W says:

    Thanks for posting that Mark. Very well stated.

  65. Thom says:


  66. Gumbo Show Joe says:

    Hi Mark,

    I saw this and thought about you and Basin Street Records:

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  70. jenni says:

    Hey I like this show very much. Its good show indeed. All episodes are very nice and I Watch TV Shows Online always.

  71. Craig Huber says:

    Do you plan to play in Nashville, Tennessee?



  72. CsK` says:

    Why do I like Treme? Lets see,… its a show about the type of music I love, the type of food I love to cook (and eat), and takes place in NO, a town I’ve always loved, despite never living there. The season 2 finale did not overwhelm me, and in fact it was probably my least fav of the entire season, yet it was still good tv and I am still hoping for season III (the finale did have a disturbing “wrapping it up” feel to it, but i’ve read there will be a III, so I may just be paranoid.
    As they say, “Les épices du ragoût de vie sont la vision cajun et la sagesse créole”

  73. Kevin says:

    I loved the finale! It was extremely touching seeing my town, my people and my music portrayed so realistically and representing. Very moving and well made. Can’t wait for season 3. Thanks to all who make it, and thanks to HBO for believing in making great tv.

  74. Maryfrances MacFadyen says:

    Wish I was there. Enjoying a lovely end of summer at home here on Peaks Island, Maine. But could stand a hot night of trumpet in New Orleans.

  75. It would be nice and great to include an African Artist, most especially from Liberia (with the first female President); LIB Recording Artist / Musical Ambassador, ***OttoakaSugarVon***. He’s Liberia Prolific Artist, one of the best and Original Artist and Producer at POG Production (Creative Music Lab). Thanks.

  76. Frank Myers says:

    I love the series and can’t wait for it to start up again!

  77. Dear Mr. Mayfield:

    Please let me know when you plan on returning to the Boston, Ma. area. I would love to work with you once again. Since Catrina I have lost touch with Bill Summers, and hope all is well? How is your baby doing?

    Great reaching out to you, and Congrats on all your accomplishments!

    Look forward to hearing from you. Pls. Check out my website, and feel free to sign my guest book.

    Sincerely yours,
    Jill E. Dymond
    Public Relations Rep.

  78. Mark Weis says:

    Congrats to Rebirth, Basin Street Records, producer Tracey Freeman and label head Mark Samuels on this Grammy nod. For the record, how many Grammy nominations have your releases garnered so far, and refresh, have you taken home the hardware yet? Good luck this year!

  79. Jason M.LeBeau says:

    Congratulation to Big Phil Frazier and the entire Rebirth Brass Band on your Grammy Award Nomination . May God continue to Bless you guys ! You all have been grinding hard, and Playing the New Orleans secondline , Livwe music stages, clubs, bars and touring world-wide for a while. You all deserve it brothers. Keep on Playing and Funk ‘ing it up for the entire Music Scene. Love ya’ll and God Bless! Peace.

  80. ElmoJazz says:

    Rebirth is going to be awesome at the grammys. so great that nola brass is getting love form the mainstream!
    i just saw the SOUL REBELS BRASS BAND last week at the brooklyn bowl. it was probably THE BEST show ive ever seen in my life. there were like 1000 people there, all dancing their hearts out for 2 1/2 hours soul rebels are my favorite of the brass bands fo sho . not easy to graciously blend soul, funk with old school instrumental hip hop. band is killing!

  81. Anne Sobol says:

    Hi, loved the Love Session last night (8/27). If you get this and have time, pls send me the names of all the musicians with instruments, know some, but not all. Thanks for a great evening. Anne

  82. Hi – I’m a voting member of the Grammy’s and would like to check out the albums. On a related note – I also remix for EDM so if you are interested in gaining new followers and new fans across the dance community, I can help you with the product. Cheers!

  83. Nancy says:

    Saw the Top Chef episode a few days ago with Kermit! Our Son has been to New Orleans a few times and has the pleasure of being at his restaurant as well a meeting him and hearing him play. He is a huge fan and has made us a fan. So it was probably the best episode of Top Chef we have ever watched. You guys have one amazing city and we can’t wait for our next visit back there…

  84. Terry Stevens says:

    I would like to order the pic six soon to get it by Christmas ! My daughter is a huge fan of Iand we saw him live in Nola 2 wks ago. to have the selection to give to her !Six and the 1 extra is good also. Terry Stevens