Theresa Andersson – Street Parade


“The harmonies are impressive, only matched by haunting bridges and powerful choruses. Her sound is so full it seems like she brought in an orchestra, but she is the orchestra. Her powerful vocals can carry her through any weak spot of a composition, yet in turn her compositions don’t show any weakness. She is not an artist riding a trend; she’s creating music from her soul and life” – Magnetic Magazine

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Andersson’s new album, Street Parade, reflects a dreamy Nordic pop sensibility firmly rooted and influenced by the warm gospel and soul sounds that drew the artist to New Orleans in the first place. The title track, “Street Parade,” opens the record with resounding vocals rising over a regimental drum-line, testifying to the catharsis and impermanence of the carnival. The focus then draws back cinematically into the rush of the parade as the piano fades on “Injuns,” and Theresa’s voice bounds over a heart-quickening percussion of handclaps, drumsticks and thrumming base. Theresa’s voice plays from a tongue-in-cheek 60s standard to a subtle snarl on the nocturnal brass breakdown of “Fiya’s Gone.”  “What Comes Next” opens with a bright horn melody and mighty drum cadence leading into a powerful chorus on which Theresa is joined by Peter Moren of Peter, Bjorn and John.



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