Hurricane Gustav, New Orleans, Louisiana and Basin Street Records

It is 11:27 pm on Saturday, August 30th and one of the most ominous hurricanes in US history, Gustav, is approaching about 3 years to the day since Katrina destroyed most of our city, my home, my neighborhood, and the Basin Street Records’ office. I have secured my rebuilt home (which is now doubling as the Basin Street Records’ office) as best as I can, and will probably leave for safe harbor in Memphis early tomorrow morning. My kids are already safe with their grandparents.

Basin Street Records will continue to operate during and after this hurricane, just as we did during and after Katrina. Music is important for the human soul, and I hope that what we do helps everyone who hears our music to keep their spirit up. Don’t forget about New Orleans, Louisiana and the people who have worked so hard the past few years to rebuild what we may need to rebuild once again.

I hope to be back here celebrating Theresa Andersson’s new CD on Friday and hope that this storm somehow miraculously diminishes in strength before it hits the US.

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