Kevin Gullage Sings Katy Perry to Her Feet on American Idol

Basin Street Records recording artist Kevin Gullage auditioned before the judges on American Idol this past Sunday performing “That’s How Strong My Love Is”, and impressed Katy Perry enough to earn a standing ovation from her! Katy Perry said, “Kevin, one of those ad-libs was from another lifetime ago. That was crazy.”

And Luke Bryan says, “I tell you what I love… you’re smile. You look like somebody anyone can talk to.”

And Lionel Richie’s review is, “I grew up with that song… that song requires exactly what you gave us… My friend, you’ve got so much flavor! It’s gonna be such an exciting adventure.”

The judges unanimously agreed and proclaimed together, “You’re going to Hollywood!”

Tune in to American Idol next week to continue to follow Kevin’s journey!

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