SxSW, Harry Shearer, Jamie Cullum and more!

Just got done attending SxSW in Austin. Highlights included 1) the taping of Harry Shearer’s Le Show that airs today with performances by Lyle Lovett, Henry Butler, John Boutte, and Judith Owen (listen to it at; 2) Jamie Cullum’s Verve showcase (Jamie pictured with Henry and John backstage at Le Show); and 3) New Orleans Social Club’s set at the Louisiana Day showcase at Town Lake (look for their new CD on Sony in April).

One thought on “SxSW, Harry Shearer, Jamie Cullum and more!

  • I enjoyed meeting you and your daughter at SXSW; I was the guy volunteering at the “renew orleans” table.

    Good luck! If you’ll have a table set up at Jazzfest, maybe we’ll see you there and pick up a few souvenirs…

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