The Independent (Lafayette’s weekly) publishes story on Road Home, Basin Street Records and Mark Samuels

This past week’s issue of The Independent (Lafayette’s weekly) published a story on Governor Blanco’s miserably failing Road Home program, and the absolute incompetence of ICF (the company administering the program).

Basin Street Records and Mark Samuels are included prominently in the piece. Thank you to Scott Jordan for shedding light on this disaster.

Please read it HERE.

UPDATE 6/22/07: While standing on the White House lawn on Tuesday, June 19th while waiting for Kermit Ruffins and his band to come back from their photo opportunity with President Bush, I received a phone call from the Road Home program reviewing the numbers with me, asking which option I was taking, and letting me know that I should receive a phone call within 3 weeks to schedule a closing. I actually received the call to schedule the closing on Thursday, June 21st, and my closing is scheduled for next week. I was told by the woman who scheduled my closing that I should have the money within 2 weeks after the closing. It has been a long, long, wait and there are still tens of thousands of more people waiting, but it will sure be a big relief when the money comes.
UPDATE 7/15/07: This time, a promise made by the Road Home came through and I have received my money. It actually came in about 10 days after the closing.

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