The Perfect Father’s Day Gift – Bonerama Plays Zeppelin

Is there anything harder than shopping for a Father’s Day gift for your dad? You already bought him the fancy shaving kit, he owns every tool he’s ever going to use, and does he really want that novelty electronic gadget?

Save yourself some time this year, and stop your search right away. We have the perfect gift right here at Basin Street Records. It’s the new album, Bonerama Plays Zeppelin.

Scientific studies* have shown that 4 out of 5 dads suffer from a severe trombone deficiency. Don’t let your dad suffer! The easiest way to prevent this is with a healthy dose of Bonerama, the Trombone-centric band that has been breaking expectations for over twenty years! Other scientific studies* show that 4 out of 5 dads also really like Led Zeppelin. Looks like you’ve just found the perfect father’s day gift.

Not convinced Bonerama Plays Zeppelin is the perfect father’s day gift? Did you know that it was the #1 Most Added Release on JazzWeek Radio Charts the week it was released? It’s been in the top 100 on the JazzWeek charts for five weeks! During Jazz Fest, the album was the #1 seller at Louisiana Music Factory in New Orleans.

Whether your dad is old enough to have a vinyl collection from before CDs existed, or young enough to have a vinyl collection simply because he’s hip, we have the album in three different vinyl formats for him to enjoy. And if he’s not into vinyl at all no problem! Pick up a CD or digital download. Here at Basin Street Records, we believe dads should be allowed to enjoy music however they want.

Get Bonerama Plays Zeppelin today!

*Scientific studies not actually scientific, but we are music experts, so… trust us.

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