The Road to Frustration Program continued…

I wrote some time ago about the Road to Frustration Program that our Governor Blanco is responsible for and that is in the hands of ICF to administer. My frustration with it continues.

The Road Home Program is designed to put over $8 Billion dollars into the hands of over 100,000 households to help them rebuild their flood and hurricane (Katrina and Rita) damaged homes. So far only 100 families have received money.

When I first filled out an online registration back in February, I was expecting money by August. When I filled out the online “application” several months later I adjusted my expectations and expected the money by November or this month.

I had a 2 hour meeting on September 21st for this program with an advisor. I then had a home inspection on October 9th. It is now December 14th and I have not received ANY additional correspondence from the program and have 4 calls unanswered.

The company administering the program (ICF) is being paid nearly $800 million dollars. It sure would be nice if they would do their job.

UPDATE 6/22/07: While standing on the White House lawn on Tuesday, June 19th, 2007, while waiting for Kermit Ruffins and his band to come back from their photo opportunity with President Bush, I received a phone call from the Road Home program reviewing the numbers with me, asking which option I was taking, and letting me know that I should receive a phone call within 3 weeks to schedule a closing. I actually received the call to schedule the closing on Thursday, June 21st, and my closing is scheduled for next week. I was told by the woman who scheduled my closing that I should have the money within 2 weeks after the closing. It has been a long, long, wait and there are still tens of thousands of more people waiting, but it will sure be a big relief when the money comes.

One thought on “The Road to Frustration Program continued…

  • Mark,

    I hope the new year works out better for you. Learned about your blog form listening to a radio segment on Irvin Mayfield, and then searched google for his music; found the record company and I found your blog!

    Here’s an article on the (okay) intensions for building homes in MS: article. I don’t know if the article will seem inspiring to you but I do home it doesn’t serve to frustrate you at all; I too wish the RHP would do their job too.



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