What a Cool Word!

January 28, 1965

I just started this new thing called blogging in my preschool class. In about 40 years I will actually be able to type this on the computer (I’ll explain that later) for everyone around the world to see using the web (I will explain that later too). But for now, let me just say that I just coined a real cool new word. Whodat, or some people may say Who Dat. I expect I will use it when New Orleans is given a football team to say something like “Whodat Say Dey are Gonna Beat Dem ____”, with the blank being whatever the name of the team is. I know it isn’t perfect grammar or even real words, but I don’t know all those words yet. And by the way, I sure hope they name the team the Saints! That’s my first choice. My second choice would be Barracudas. Those are cool too.

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