Carnival and Mardi Gras Music

To help you pick some Carnival (or Mardi Gras) music from our catalogue, we’ve compiled the following list…

Throwback CD by Kermit Ruffins w/ the Rebirth Brass Band
Vol.5: Carnival CD by Los Hombres Calientes: Irvin Mayfield & Bill Summers
Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemen CD by Jon Cleary

These are some of the most Carnival themed tunes:
Kermit Ruffins w/ the Rebirth Brass Band – “All on a Mardi Gras Day” – Throwback
Los Hombres Calientes – “The Mardi Gras Second Line” – Vol 5. Carnival
Jon Cleary & the Absolute Gentlemen – “Zulu Strut” – Pin Your Spin
Los Hombres Calientes – “Mardi Gras Bayou” – Vol. 5 Carnival
Los Hombres Calientes – “Carnival Kongo” – Vol. 5 Carnival
Henry Butler – “Some Iko” – Homeland
Los Hombres Calientes – “ New Second Line” Vol. 3 New Congo Square
Kermit Ruffins – “Do the Fat Tuesday” – The Barbecue Swingers Live
Kermit Ruffins – “It’ Later Than You Think” – Throwback
Irvin Mayfield w/ the N.O. Jazz Orchestra and the Dillard U. Choir
“The Elder Negro Speaks” – Strange Fruit
Dr. Michael White – “King of the Second Line” – Blue Crescent
Los Hombres Calientes – “ Mardi Gras Bayou” & “Carnival de Phunk” -Vol.5 Carnival
Jeremy Davenport – “Mr. New Orleans” – We’ll Dance ‘Til Dawn
Kermit Ruffins – “Didn’t He Ramble” & “Treme Mardi Gras” – Livin’ a Treme Life
Jason Marsalis – “The Upper Second Line” – The Year of the Drummer
Kermit Ruffins – “A Saints Christmas” (This year, Carnival and the Saints more than double the fun!)

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